Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

I’ve long had a curiosity about quantum mechanics. I wanted to understand how could a quantum computer work.

Recently I’ve been following this introduction to QM presented at Yale (the last 7 lectures). Coming from a technical background, but without significant physics knowledge, this was the first time I felt I could understand something out of it. I had tried several times before, using different sources, but I always felt I was hitting a wall.

This time was easier because the lectures are well explained and because I was more familiar with Fourier transform and with handling complex numbers. Yes, the Fourier transform is used to expand one wave function, describing one quantum system, into a sum of definite momentum wave functions (like music is decomposed in harmonics with definite frequencies).

I plan to follow also this quantum computing and quantum information theory course materials. Hopefully I will have some time for this.

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2 Responses to Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

  1. boierescu says:

    I’ve found a new course that got me very excited:

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